Plaid Cymru


Plaid Cymru Manifesto 2015

On Israel and Palestine

“Plaid Cymru has consistently called for an ending of the blockade on Gaza and for a two state solution for Israel and Palestine.” (Page 34)

On human rights and international development

“Plaid Cymru has supported the rights of minorities in all parts of the world, including the Kurds, Tamils and in Western Sahara amongst others.” (Page 34)

Plaid Cymru supports peaceful negotiations over destructive warfare and supports the rule of international law through the United Nations.” (Page 34)

“There is no excuse for continued global inequality and injustice. We oppose illegal occupation and oppression, and support legal international action through the International Criminal Court against governments of any countries that commit human rights abuses.” (Page 35)

“Failure to assist the developing world will only fuel resentment, violence and division. Countries must be helped to develop their own path out of poverty and we support legislation to underpin the 0.7% Gross National Product that should be provided in international aid. This funding must be stringently monitored by independent organizations to avoid misuse.” (Page 35)

“Wales will provide humanitarian aid to the best of our ability whenever required and accept displaced persons and refugees where possible and appropriate.”  (Page 35)

On the Iraq War

“We attempted to impeach Tony Blair over his illegal invasion of Iraq and are disgusted that the Chilcot Review has been delayed until after this election.” (Page 34)

“We want to see the full publication of the Chilcot Inquiry so that the public can see the unvarnished truth of how and why the UK participated in the illegal invasion of Iraq. Plaid Cymru opposed this illegal war at the time, with Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price attempting to impeach Tony Blair for his war crimes.” (Page 35)

On arm sales

International agreements on arm sales must be strengthened to restrict access to deadly weapons, particularly those intended for civil repression, and we want arms trade promotions with despotic countries ended. (Page 35)