Trevor Lunn (Lagan Valley)

Twitter: @TrevorLunnLV

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1. I would like to see a Palestinian State recognised as part of a two-state solution. However, I am unclear how this can be done before there is a single authority in charge of the Palestinian territories (and one which also recognises Israel).

2. I have some sympathy with this objective although I wonder if it is practical. My sympathy arises from my (and my party’s) view that there should be a two-state solution. Israeli encroachment into what would be the Palestinian State makes such an outcome extremely difficult.

3. I think it is too low, though I do not profess to be an expert on exactly how that figure has come about. The UK should do a role proportionate to its size, and I gather that figure is significantly lower than other countries, comparative to population and wealth.

4. Yes!

5. No, it is not coherent. The fundamental change I would like to see is an agreed UK approach with a view to clear, longer-term outcomes. Our current short-termism sees us switching sides, making allies out of enemies and enemies out of allies, and creating intergenerational hatred.