Libya’s biggest challenge awaits

Caabu welcomes the significant advances made in Libya against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces over the last 24 hours.  However, there are huge challenges ahead for Libya, regardless of the fate of Gaddafi and the remnants of his regime.

Commenting in the media overnight, Chris Doyle, Caabu’s Director stated:

“The scenes of jubilation in Tripoli were extraordinary, not surprising given the liberation from the control of a tyrant who has dominated Libyans’ lives for near 42 years.  However, these celebrations must be tempered with a massive dose of caution. The fighting is not over yet, and large parts of Libya are still under Gaddafi’s control. But above all the real challenge starts now. The National Transitional Council has to demonstrate that it can bring Libya back together again, restore order, ensure security, and start the reconstruction and reconciliation processes that will be vital to making this a lasting victory. Crucial to all this will be getting the oil industry back up and running. It is vital the international community assist all it can in getting Libya back on its feet. It can start that by unfreezing Libya’s assets as soon as possible.” 

Doyle continued:

“Regionally these events are likely to have a huge impact. There were those who falsely hoped that Libya had reached a stalemate and that the Arab Spring had stalled.  They will have to think again.  Above all, the Assad regime in Syria must feel very threatened, and for the sake of Syria, we all hope that the Damascus regime decides to end the violence against its citizens and clear the path for a democratic future in which it has no part.”

Notes to editors:

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