Caabu Director in the Independent on Sunday on UK strikes on ISIS in Syria

In an article in the Independent-on-Sunday on 29 November, Caabu Director, Chris Doyle argued that the real debate around Syria and ISIS should not be about the bombing but the overall strategy to resolve the Syria crisis and end ISIS. 

“The real transformative actions revolve around the political, diplomatic and economic, not the military. Critical energies may be better spent less in slamming the government for this side-show of a bombing spree, but developing and enabling a coherent strategy to end the conflict and Isis and so rebuild Syria. Our security and Syria’s require this. Cameron must deliver on the fine words in his speech and not allow them to join the other hollow soundbites and gestures of which Syrians have grown so weary.”

In media interviews on 30 November, Chris Doyle has said that ISIS and Raqqa are being bombed and will be bombed no more, no less heavily whatever the outcome of any vote in the British Parliament.  The US, Russia, France and others are already engaged in heavy airstrikes.  Britain needs to be sure that it is cotributing to a winning strategy (above all political) rather than just adding to the already significant attacks taking place.