Caabu Press Release: Time for Britain to recognise Palestine

Caabu Press Release: Time for Britain to recognise Palestine 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Caabu calls on British members of Parliament to vote in favour of the motion to recognise Palestine on Monday 13 October.  It is more than time that Britain should real international leadership and recognise Palestinian national rights. This would be a huge symbolic Parliamentary vote in the country that issued the Balfour declaration and was the mandatory power in Palestine.  It would be a measure that would give support to Palestinians who believe in negotiations and diplomacy above use of force. Above all, it is a minimum requirement to try to push forward a genuine political solution to this never-ending conflict.

Caabu Chair, Andy Love MP urged MPs to vote in favour: “Sweden is showing the way forward. There can be no excuses why Britain does not follow its lead. It is vital the British Parliament votes in favour on 13 October. “

Commenting on this Chris Doyle stated that: “Recognising Palestine is just a small step, that will not change life on the ground for those under occupation but it will demonstrate that Britain rejects the one state reality Israel has created. Rejecting recognition is to reject Palestinian national and human rights and that would be profoundly disturbing reminiscent more of the 19th century than the 21st.”


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