Caabu welcomes the jailing of Rifat Al Assad

Caabu welcomes the jailing of Rifat Al Assad

17 June 2020

Caabu welcomes the ruling of the French Court that Rifat Al Assad, the former Vice-President of Syria and uncle of the current leader, is guilty of money-laundering.  He has been sentenced to a four-year jail term, subject to an appeal.  His properties in London and Paris are to be confiscated.

Commenting on this, Caabu Director Chris Doyle said “This will send out a clear message not just to members of the Syrian regime but all those who embezzle funds in other countries and steal their resources in such a mafia-style fashion.  Rifat Al Assad is the Al Capone of Syria, accused of numerous crimes such as the 1982 massacre of Hama (which he denies), but eventually found guilty and jailed for financial misconduct.  It may have taken decades that justice has finally caught up with a man many Syrians hold responsible for some of the worst crimes of the Assad dynasty.  Accountability is a crucial deterrent to all those who wish to violate international war, perpetrate war crimes or steal from their people.”

For further information:

  1. BBC: Rifaat al-Assad: Syrian President's uncle jailed in France for money laundering, 17 June 2020
  2. For more information contact Chris Doyle, on +447968 040281