Caabu Press Release:  UK must demand immediate ceasefire over Gaza now

Caabu Press Release:  UK must demand immediate ceasefire over Gaza now

25 October 2023

The UK must show international leadership and demand an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The situation in Gaza is beyond catastrophic with a health system in total free fall. Such a demand would echo those made by the UN Secretary-General, the Pope and Arab leaders. The French government has also called for a humanitarian truce.

Caabu Director, Chris Doyle was clear in multiple interviews: “The biggest beneficiary of a ceasefire will be the Palestinian civilian population, the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza who right now are living in shocking conditions. They are running out of food, water, fuel and medicines. Hospitals are shutting down. 130 babies in incubators are on the cusp of death.”

The situation is so desperate Doyle said, “that it does not matter what you call it - a ceasefire, a temporary ceasefire a humanitarian pause - but it must happen now.” The minimal delivery of aid into Gaza via the Rafah crossing with Egypt is massively insufficient to address the acute need. Just 54 trucks have entered Gaza since Saturday 21 October according to the UN. Before 7 October, in four days, 1600 plus trucks would have entered Gaza. The need now is even greater than it was then. Israel has also refused to allow fuel to enter in these convoys.

A ceasefire is vital on humanitarian grounds but also presents a major opportunity to negotiate for the release of 220 hostages in Gaza. Four so far have been released. Should a ceasefire not be adopted, an Israeli ground invasion will likely follow and the chances of getting those hostages out alive is massively reduced.

If a ceasefire or pause is agreed, then diplomatic activity has to be ratcheted up to make that permanent, to lift the illegal Israeli siege and avoid further humanitarian catastrophe. Without it, regional escalation may follow and that may not be containable at all.




Notes to editors:

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