How you can support vulnerable communities across the Middle East and elsewhere against Coronavirus

The difficulties faced by many refugee communities, and communities across the Middle East, are only worsened by the spread of Coronavirus.  

Humanitarian and political crises already exist In Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, and for refugees across Europe and TurkeyUnder circumstances outside of this outbreak, the situation is already bleak, with decimated and destroyed healthcare systems and livelihoods, with many living in crowded environments in impoverished conditions. Even further strains are being placed on such communities by Coronavirus – many of which have already endured the impact of it, with many more expecting it.  

We have collated some ways in which you can help with designated Coronavirus appeals. Please do get in touch if there are other campaigns and appeals which we should also add to this list.  

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

MAP has launched an emergency appeal for Coronavirus for Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. They have already released hygeine kits for Palestinians quarantined in schools in Gaza. They are providing situation updates here.

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The UN's refugee agency, UNHCR, has set up an urgent appeal for Coronavirus - including for refugees from Syria, Iraq and Yemen. UNHCR’s preparedness measures will protect refugees, displaced people and their host communities before, during and after this global health emergency.

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The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees has set up a response appeal for Coronavirus for all field areas of their operation - the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. During this crisis, UNRWA is continuing to provide essential services including primary health care services, as well as where possible, rolling-out our Education in Emergencies programme to support students at home.

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