Battleground: Ten Conflicts that Explain the New Middle East: Caabu Book Launch with Chris Phillips

30 Apr 2024 18:30 - 19:30
The Arab British Centre,
Chancery Lane, Farringdon, Temple, Blackfriars

Caabu invites you to an in person briefing with Christopher Phillips, author, and professor of international relations at Queen Mary University of London, who will discuss his new book, Battleground: Ten Conflicts that Explain the New Middle East, on Tuesday 30 April 2024 at 6.30pm at The Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE.

Please RSVP with Ambar Yousuf at Caabu ([email protected]) to attend. Please note that this briefing is in person only.

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When: Tuesday 30 April 2024, 18:30

Where: The Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE. Transport and further instructions on how to get here can be found here.

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About the book:

The Middle East is in crisis. The shocking events of the war in Gaza have rocked the entire region. More than a decade ago, the Arab Spring had raised hopes of a new beginning but instead ushered in a series of civil wars, coups, and even harsher autocracies. Tensions were exacerbated by the meddling of outsiders, as regional and global powers sought to further their interests. The United States, for so long the dominant actor, had stepped back, leaving a vacuum behind it to be fought over.

Christopher Phillips explores geopolitical rivalries in the region, and the major external powers vying for influence: Russia, China, the EU, and the US. Moving through ten key flashpoints, from Syria to Palestine, Phillips argues that the United States’ overextension after the Cold War, and retreat in the 2010s, has imbalanced the region. Today, the Middle East remains blighted by conflicts of unprecedented violence and a post-American scramble for power – leaving its fate in the balance.


What they say about ‘Battleground’ :

‘Phillips writes crisply and critically, covering a lot of ground’, James Barr, Financial Times

‘An accessible introduction to conflicts across the region, written, according to the author, for readers wanting to understand the complex reality of the Middle East and looking for a place to start’, Sophie Roell, Five Books

‘Phillips finds the sweet spot of providing both depth and breadth in examining ongoing conflicts in the Middle East as well as in countries and zones experiencing various levels of trauma that could lead to conflict. He masterfully weaves together a multidimensional analysis that students, the general public, and policymakers would do well to read. While doing so, he offers a nuanced understanding of the subject matter and communicates a wealth of information in an accessible manner. I highly recommend it’, David W. Lesch, author of The Middle East Since the Rise of Islam

About the speaker:

Christopher Phillips is professor of international relations at Queen Mary University of London. He is the author of Battle for Syria, now in its second edition, and co-editor of What Next for Britain in the Middle East? Phillips has appeared on BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, Bloomberg and Channel 4 News. He has written op-eds in The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Prospect among others. 

He Tweets: @cjophillips.

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