Liberal Democrat Policy Statements

Resettlement of Syrian refugees

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said that the UK should take in 50,000 more Syrian refugees from camps in the region and has urged the Labour Party to match this pledge: 

“Labour should match this, this is a challenge to other parties and particularly to the government. I think we need a strong opposition and you only get that with a clear alternative, this is our clear alternative.”

They have said that the cost of resettling an additional 50,000 refugees would require £4.3bn in investment:

“I don’t want us to be the kind of country who turns our back on those in desperate need, this is about Britain doing it’s fair share. It’s not about taking all of the burden.”

The Lib Dems have also said they will re-open the so-called Dubs amendment scheme

Military action in Syria

Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has expressed concern about reports that Theresa May is planning a Parliamentary vote on military action is Syria and that it was deeply worrying that May “would back military intervention against Assad in Syria outside of a wider diplomatic strategy and without UN backing”. He said Donald Trump’s bombing of Syrian regime assets last month was a proportionate response, and the use of chemical weapons was indefensible, but it was wrong to have gone ahead “unilaterally, without allies, outside of a wider strategy”.

Farron went on: “May would be wise not to use Syria as a campaign tool in this election. This would come across as calculating, unconsidered, and without the best interest of the Syrian people at heart.”

Previously, Tim Farron had an opinion piece in the Guardian: Why I support Trump's Syria strike.

In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s strikes against Assad, Farron expressed his support for the action but disagreement with the way in which it was conducted. Farron feels that Trump ‘taking matters into his own hands without thinking of the consequences, without a wider plan, without considering what next, exposes both his naivety about how the world works and his potential to create instability on an international scale’. For Farron the UK must protect civilians in Syria and work towards ending the conflict through diplomacy. Farron feels that any action in Syria should not be unilateral but part of a wider strategy. 

Immigration Policy

Tim Farron has accused Theresa May of peddling ‘poisonous propaganda’ about immigrants that leads directly to hate crimes. Farron is opposed to the government’s goal to reduce net migration below 100,000 per year and believes that May is playing ‘the immigration card’ at the general election. Farron ‘revealed that the rights of the three million EU citizens in the UK would be at the heart of his party’s election campaign’.