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UK politicians write to the Foreign Secretary on occupied East Jerusalem

Posted by Caabu. on 15 Aug 2017
A cross-party group of British politicians wrote to the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on occupied East Jerusalem on ...

Support the #LightsOnGaza Campaign and Write to Your MP

Posted by Caabu. on 10 Aug 2017
The electricity crisis in Gaza: How you can help Support ...

Crisis appeals for Iraq

Posted by Caabu. on 09 Aug 2017
Iraqis from all communities have suffered over the last 15 years of conflict. The spillover from the Syrian civil war ...

Syria crisis appeals

Posted by Caabu. on 07 Aug 2017
Syria is the site of one of the worst refugee crises in history. For over 6 years, people have been fleeing the ...

BBC responds to Caabu complaint about misleading Jerusalem coverage

Posted by Caabu. on 07 Aug 2017
The BBC has ammended an article, "Jerusalem holy site measures fail to halt crisis" (28.7.2017) about the ...

Yemen's humanitarian crisis and how you can help

Posted by Caabu. on 04 Aug 2017
Since 2015, the conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels in Yemen has plunged ...

Syria’s Cultural Heritage in Conflict: A lecture by Ross Burns

Posted by Caabu. on 31 Jul 2017
Former Australian ambassador to Syria and author of "Aleppo: A History" and "Monuments of Syria" ...

House of Commons debates Israel and Palestinian talks

Posted by Caabu. on 11 Jul 2017
On 5 July the House of Commons debated peace negotiations in Palestine/Israel. This was the first general debate on the question for 10 years.

The Crime in Hate Crime

Posted by Caabu. on 07 Jul 2017
By Sophie Marjoribanks 7 July 2017 Figures showing the high numbers of anti-Muslim hate crime across the UK have ...

Jerusalem, 50 Years on: Unification or Occupation? Caabu briefing with Daniel Seidemann

Posted by Caabu. on 05 Jul 2017
On 4 July 2017, Caabu hosted a briefing with Daniel Seidemann, founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem and an Israeli attorney, ...

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It's the occupation stupid

Posted by Caabu. on 27 Jul 2017
Since 14 July, the tensions in Jerusalem have been at breaking point. Israeli police and military have interrupted public ...

In 2017, Land Day comes amidst new efforts to expand Israeli settlement project

Posted by Caabu. on 06 Apr 2017
By James Killin Last Thursday 30th March marked the annual Land Day (youm al-ard) commemoration by Palestinians living ...

Syrian refugees in Lebanon this winter

Posted by Caabu. on 09 Jan 2017
Syrian refugees in Lebanon this winter by Chris Doyle 9 January 2017 At the end of 2016, 1,017,433 Syrian ...

Blog post: The Palestine Youth Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall

Posted by Caabu. on 02 Aug 2016
“Today an orchestra. Tomorrow a country.” These were the words of the youngest member of the Palestine Youth ...