Art workshops

Art workshop

How do we develop our educational message beyond the classroom? Or ensure that the ideas and awareness raised during our school talks continue to develop? Schools, unfortunately, often struggle to include extra-curricular activities, let alone provide the sort of in depth follow-up that could really complement our classroom talks and teaching materials.

Instead of demanding more time and resources from overstretched teachers and schools, we are seeking funds to run art workshops during the school holidays instead. These workshops will enable interested students to learn more about Arab culture and to work in a relaxed atmosphere with professional artists from the region. By bringing curiosity about the Arab world out of the classroom and into other creative spaces we can help create a lasting commitment to knowing more about the region and its culture.

The aim is to run three art workshops, each during the major school holidays - Christmas, Easter and Summer. Each workshop will be themed in accordance with our most popular topics, on the Arab Uprisings, images of Arabs and Muslims and Israel-Palestine.

If you would like to hear more about this project or would like to sponsor an art workshop, please email or call 020 78321321.