What our next government must do to uphold equal rights- Balfour Project Conference 2024

On 6 June, Balfour Project held their 2024 conference, Peace with Justice- how to get there, in partnership with the History Department of King’s College London. The Balfour Project hosted a stellar slate of speakers and an attentive in-person audience of nearly 300, with nearly 600 more online. The full conference can be accessed here on Balfour Project's website.

Attendees heard from Caabu Director Chris Doyle, Amnesty International Secretary General Dr Agnès Callamard, UK Human Rights Watch Director Yasmine Ahmed, and others including Palestinian activist Nour Odeh and Palestinian scientist Mohamed Ghalayini, as well as those from the Balfour Project. 

Palestinian speakers drew on their own experiences and gave suggestions for the way forward, emphasising the importance of giving agency to Palestinians to elect their own government, and Britain's historical and moral responsibilities to facilitate this. Other speakers covered regional and international context, as well as suggestions for how we can push the next UK Government to take better positions on Palestine.

Chris Doyle spoke about what our next government must do to uphold equal rights, on a panel with Yasmine Ahmed, Nour Odeh and Dr Phyllis Starkey (Vice Chair of Balfour Project). See below for a recording of the panel.