International community must take action against illegal Israeli settlement activity to save two-state solution

3 December 2012

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Caabu has condemned the lack of international action to stop Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied state of Palestine. In the wake of the United Nations voting on 29 November to recognise the state of Palestine, Israel has announced 3000 additional settlement units, including in the E1 plan Area which would cut the West Bank in two and separate Jerusalem from other areas of the state of Palestine.

Caabu Director, Chris Doyle, described the latest Israeli settlement plans as “provocative, illegal and if implemented, the end of any chance of a two-state solution. This was an illegal response to a legal and justifiable request from Palestinians to have their right to self-determination recognised.  If the international community is in any way serious about saving the limited possibility of a two-state solution, it has to act to ensure Israel does not implement these plans. For years the Israeli government has just waved aside international criticism about this colonisation programme. The only way forward is to demonstrate that there are serious consequences for these actions.” 

In conjunction with 21 other EU non-governmental organisations, Caabu produced a report “Trading Away Peace” on 30 October 2012. It found that the European Union imports fifteen times more from Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied state of Palestine than from Palestinians themselves. One of the 12 recommendations was to ban the import of all products from settlements into the EU.

Given Israel's most recent announcment Caabu calls for the Trading Away Peace report to be implemented in full by both the UK and European Union.



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