Gaza War 2014: Resources and Reports

Gaza War 2014


Since the end of the 51 day war in the summer of 2014, numerous reports have been published into what occurred in Gaza.  

Caabu materials

Talk by Dr Mads Gilbert on his experiences in Gaza - June 2015

EDM calling for politicians to be able to access Gaza reaches 100 signatures - March 2015

Escaping forward in Gaza: Caabu briefing with Dr Aimee Shalan - 7 October 2014

Unless Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza, no ceasefire can work - Article by Chris Doyle in the Daily Telegraph 24 July 2014


Gaza: A history by Jean Pierre Filiu

UN reports

Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict -­ A/HRC/29/52 - 24 June 2015

Summary of the findings of the UN Board of Inquiry into the Gaza War  affecting or involving UN personnel, premises and operations- 27 April 2015

Gaza Internally Displaced Persons (UNOCHA) - 19 January 2015

Gaza Initial Rapid Assessment (UNOCHA) - 27 August 2014

The humanitarian Impact of the Blockade (UNOCHA) - July 2015


International human rights groups reports


Strangling Necks’ Abductions, torture and summary killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict Amnesty International 26 May 2015


Unlawful and deadly: Rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian armed groups during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict Amnesty International 26 March 2015

Families under the rubble: Israeli attacks on inhabited homes  Amnesty International  5 November 2014

Israeli human rights groups reports

This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014 - Testimonies of 111 Israeli officers and soldiers - Breaking the Silence - May 2015

Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking residential buildings in the Gaza Strip summer 2014 - B'Tselem - 28 January 2015


Palestinian human rights groups reports 

In Children’s Eyes:  Children and War: Stories from Gaza children in summer 2014‎ -  Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, 27 May 2015


Humanitarian and Aid Agency reports


A Living Nightmare: Gaza One Year On - Save the Children July 2015

No more Impunity: Gaza's Health Sector under attack  Al Mezan Centre for human rights, Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and Medical Aid for Palestinians - 26 June 2015

Charting a new course - Report by 46 agencies including Caabu - 13 April 2015

30 International Aid Agencies: “We must not fail in Gaza.”  - 26 February 2015


Israeli official reports and publications

The 2014 Gaza conflct: Factual and Legal Aspects - May 2015



Children of the Gaza War (BBC, July 2015)