Caabu Press Release: Film about Syria and the refugee crisis ‘A Syrian Love Story’ to be screened in British Parliament

Film about Syria and the refugee crisis ‘A Syrian Love Story’ to be screened in British Parliament

Caabu is pleased to be co-hosting an important Parliamentary screening of A Syrian Love Story, directed by Sean McAllister, on Wednesday 16 September with Conservative MP Nick Herbert. Filmed over 5 years, A Syrian Love Story features the journey of Amer and Raghda, from their political activism in Syria in 2009 and 2010, to living as refugees in Lebanon and later France.

As the crisis in Syria worsens, and the dehumanisation of refugees becomes ever more commonplace, the film is a heartbreaking reminder of the devastating impact this crisis has had upon the lives of so many Syrians.

It is vital that Parliamentarians from all parties are given an opportunity to see this documentary particularly given the scale of the crisis in Syria, and the intense debate over the refugee crisis.

With over 11 million Syrians now having been displaced from their country (over 4 million as refugees), their personal stories are all too often forgotten.

Commenting on this, Nick Herbert MP said:

“As Syrian refugee numbers rise to extraordinary levels, this film reminds us that every displaced person has their own human story.  This screening, hosted with Caabu, provides an important opportunity for Parliamentarians to understand the traumatic experiences of individuals who are living out this devastating crisis.”

Caabu’s Joseph Willits said:

“This film brings a few of these stories to the screen. It is our hope that by screening it in Parliament, and with screenings across the UK, a greater understanding of the crisis and compassion for those enduring it, will come through being immersed in the personal struggles of Amer and Raghda, and those of their family and their friends. Such struggles are faced by millions of Syrians on a daily basis, those who have fled as refugees, those who are internally displaced, and those under siege. The footage of Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus in A Syrian Love Story is a telling reminder of this.

The refugee crisis is currently polarising Britain. Hostility and dehumanistation of refugees from within politics, the media and the general public is becoming ever more commonplace. It is often even considered socially acceptable to term people fleeing war in Syria as “marauding” or “swarms” or much worse. This is totally unacceptable, but it is also heartening to see thousands of people across the country marching in support of refugees, offering up their support, their homes, and making donations of various forms.

Even if A Syrian Love Story is able to encourage just a little bit more understanding and compassion towards the crisis in Syria and the refugee crisis as a whole, then it will have been a huge success. Amer and Raghda’s story should be inspiration for all of us to do more about Syria and the refugee crisis.”


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